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The Olive Tree Campaign – Keep Hope Alive

The Olive Tree Campaign – Keep Hope Alive

The YWCA of Palestine together with the East Jerusalem YMCA established the Joint Advocacy Initiative (JAI) in 2001 with the role of advocating for Just Peace in Palestine through different advocacy campaigns and tools. 

The JAI organizes annual visits to Palestine under “Journey for Justice” for YWCAs and YMCAs from around the world, especially youth, and for any other interested individuals. Through these visits, the YWCA of Palestine receives different groups introducing them to our work.

In 2002, the JAI launched the solidarity campaign “Keep Hope Alive” inspired by the olive tree: a symbol of peace, prosperity, and wisdom. Agriculture experts estimate that since 1967, more than 1.4 million olive trees have been uprooted, and thousands of acres of farmland destroyed in Palestine by the Israeli military occupation. Despite Israel’s continued efforts to destroy and appropriate lands, Palestinian women, men and youth continue to be committed to protecting them.

In this respect, this solidarity campaign supports the famers suffering from the various Israeli policies that put their lands and properties under the threat of confiscation. By donating $20 towards an olive tree, individuals and organizations demonstrate solidarity with the Palestinian people and contribute to keeping hope alive for a better future for all that promotes just peace in Palestine. The amount donated covers all costs related to planting, preparation of the field, irrigation system and protection tubes. All sponsors receive an official certificate and can participate in olive planting and/or olive picking activities in Palestine organized by the JAI. 

To learn more about JAI, go to www.jai-pal.org.