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YWCA Palestine participates in the WACC Partner’s Consultation meeting

YWCA Palestine participates in the WACC Partner’s Consultation meeting

Rabab Musleh YWCA Bethlehem Board President, Vice President of YWCA Palestine National Board represented the YWCA of Palestine at the WACC Partner’s Consultation meeting which took place in Nairobi from 1st to 3rd August 2023.  Titled: Communication Rights: Towards Digital Justice".

The meeting brought together about 30 project partners and allies from Africa, Asia, Eastern Europe and Middle East. A Space for exchange, learning and networking on the theme of communication rights, with particular focus on digital rights.

Rabab shared about the Young Palestinian women exercising their rights to fully participate in the information society, with focus on the project highlights, lessons learnt, good practices and the most significant change from initiatives accomplished by the WACC.

The Objectives of this consultation was Sharing and learning about WACC project partner organizations, gaining knowledge and tools to secure and protect the human rights of marginalized and vulnerable groups on digital platforms. Connecting and strengthening relations between organizations and individuals engaged in this thematic area.

Towards the end of this consultation meeting the group Developed an advocacy initiative with Agenda towards the 20th Anniversary of the World Sumit for the information society (WSIS+20) in 2025. 

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