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"She Leads" Academy concludes Young women's training

"She Leads" Academy concludes Young women's training

The ''She Leads Leadership Academy'' for young women concluded the theoretical trainings for the participating young women, in cooperation with the training team from the Arab-European Foundation, where it dealt with topics in the areas of leadership, communication, networking, thinking engineering, entrepreneurship, and UN Security Council Resolutions 2250 on youth and peace and 1325 on women and peace and safety, and gender and gender-based violence. The Innovation Forum for Gender Issues "Agora" of the United Nations Women in Palestine, provided trainings for the young women on mediation as an alternative means of resolving conflicts.

It is noteworthy that the YWCA of Palestine launched the ''She Leads Leadership Academy'' for young women with the support of the United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA), as part of the “Youth Leads” political and civic participation program for youth in Palestine, which is implemented by the Fund with funding from the European Union, with the aim of empowering young men and women to play a participating, active and contributing role in society, by providing them with the various skills and incentives that qualify them for this.

The Academy is a new model based on the international experiences of YWCAs, entitled "She Leads". This model is being built and developed in Palestine as a youth leadership program with a non-stereotypical learning approach for young women between the ages of 23 and 29.

The academy extends for a period of five months, from August to December 2022, including 18 young women who were selected according to specific criteria. It includes several activities, such as trainings, capacity building, networking and relationship-building visits, exchanges of experiences, lectures for experts on various topics related to leadership, excellence and entrepreneurship, developing ideas for community initiatives, exploratory study tours, and job training opportunities.

The academy aims to empower young women to become active participants and contributors to Palestinian society, develop their knowledge of the basic concepts necessary to understand contemporary social issues, including those related to political participation and leadership, assess needs and analyze obstacles to the development and implementation of policies and programs related to leadership for young women, and strengthen knowledge, skills and connections with governmental and non-governmental opportunities for young women, through organized trainings and dialogues with institutions.

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