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The YWCA of Palestine organizes a workshop about digital security

The YWCA of Palestine organizes a workshop about digital security

Ramallah- A workshop on "Digital Security" organized by the YWCA of Palestine recommended the need to adopt a clear and specific national policy that contributes to strengthening women's right to practice their digital rights and protecting them from violence directed against them as a result of their practice of these rights.

The workshop, which was organized in Ramallah, concluding the YWCA's efforts in the field of educating young men and women on the issue of digital security and protection mechanisms, through the two projects "Palestinian Young Women's Practice of Their Right to Full Participation in the Information Society (Information)" and "Youth Platforms", which aims to Creating safe spaces for young women and men to express their ideas and activate their role in making change in their societies by improving their life and human rights capabilities.

The workshop included the presentation of a paper on “The Reality of Young Palestinian Women’s Practice of Digital Rights and the Protection of Their Digital Security in the Palestinian refugee Camps,” by researcher Razan Al-Barghouti, who recommended the need to prepare qualitative, diagnostic, analytical and original studies of all the problems and challenges facing women in their practice of digital rights and their protection from digital violence directed against them.

Also, preparing specialized training programs and awareness campaigns targeting women about digital rights, digital security, and digital gender-based violence directed against them, and raising community awareness about what women face in the digital world of gender-based violence, in cooperation with the Ministry of Women’s Affairs and the Cybercrime Unit in the Palestinian Police in addition to providing psychological support to women survivors of gender-based digital violence.

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