Young Women's Christian Association - Ramallah

Empowering Youth - Promoting Equality

Programs Overview

The Strategic Program 2010 -2015

To contribute towards achieving its vision and mission within the framework of its values, the YWCA of Palestine decided to cluster its current and new projects under four main thematic areas in addition to Advocacy for peace and justice:


Women Economic Development

The YWCA aims at empowering women to earn a fair and competitive income; through technical and vocational education and training, through participation in employment and income generating ventures, as well as through facilitating access to employment and markets.

The YWCA of Ramallah Vocational Training Centre (VTC)


Children Education and Cognitive Learning

the YWCA continues to run the pre-school “learning through play” program at the Jalazone Refugee camp, offering space for creative learning and identity strengthening, the centre also provides recreational/educational facilities to provide space for the children’s comprehensive development, and support working mothers who need support services. Other programs under this thematic area include:

  • Children’s summer camps, social activities, recreational activities, sport activities, etc.
  • The YWCA aspires to enable children to express their physical, cultural and mental needs to improve their inquisitive and play skills. Programs will include creative learning, identity strengthening and recreation. Additionally, this intervention contributes to supporting women’s reproductive role.

Children’s Summer Camps

This is one of the YWCA’s oldest programs. During the past summer 80 children, ages 4 years to 12 years, were provided with supervised activities and instruction in music, drama, sports, Dabkeh, dancing and group discussion. The staff consisted of 5 adult teachers, 15 youth leaders, ages 14-15, and one program co-coordinator. The Ramallah YWCA is fortunate to be located on 14 dunums in a pine-forested valley which makes it an ideal spot for youth activities and summer programs for all ages.


Youth Leadership Training and Civic Engagement:

This includes youth leadership trainings, youth exchange programs, cultural and sports programs for youth, membership development for the youth, with special emphasis on young women and girls. Other programs under this thematic area include:

Youth summer camps, cultural activities aiming at rejuvenating the national identity and history of the population, as well as building future leaders.

Aims at enabling youth, particularly female youth, to participate in civic life and contribute to building a free and democratic Palestinian society, through youth leadership trainings, youth exchange programs, youth cultural and sports’ programs and youth membership development, with special emphasis on young.

The YWCA of Palestine has recently adopted a new youth strategy which will form the basis for its interventions with the youth, the objective of the upcoming youth program is to establish a diversified and active youth group at the YWCA of Ramallah and engage them in a meaningful process of promoting social, economic and political justice.

The YWCA aims to lay the foundation for the establishment of an active and diversified youth group from the surrounding villages of the Ramallah governorate and Ramallah city.

The project will promote Peace and Justice through the following mechanisms:

  • The BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions), and train youth members to promote a better understanding on this concept in the respective Palestinian communities targeted by the project
  • Promote the KAIROS document, and promote community endorsement for its vision for Peace and Justice and the non-violent struggle
  • PETs (Public Expenditure Tracking): training and enhancing youth and their technical skills in tracking advocacy lobbying and campaigning to enable them to take government budgets, especially in areas that concern them most (e.g. education, culture, job creations/economy, etc.) and take lead roles within their communities, to dialogue with policy makers for positive allocations of budgets that will produce human investment, and a generation that embraces cultural and religious diversity, as the basis of dialogue, peace building and acceptance.
  • Train youth in advocating for change in laws and policies.
  • In addition to representing Palestine and reflecting youth voices in regional and international platforms such as the CSW, HRC AWID to promote for human rights and just Peace in Palestine.


Promoting Women’s Rights

This incorporates rights education programs (social, education, health and reproductive health, legal), gender training for staff, boards, members, and communities we work with as well as lobbying, advocacy and campaigning. Current programs under this thematic area include:

  • Physical Health and psycho-social awareness and education of women at the Jalazone Refugee Camp.
  • The YWCA of Palestine aspires to be strengthened as a professional organization that can create for its own members and women in its targeted communities opportunities to learn about and advocate for their rights, whether social, economic or politic


Youth Programs

  • Youth Strategy  - Info to be provided soon.
  • Youth Membership - Info to be provided soon.
  • Economic Justice - Info to be provided soon.
  • Democratic citizenship - Info to be provided soon.