Young Women's Christian Association - Ramallah

Empowering Youth - Promoting Equality


The YWCA’s old premises:

 Located in Ein Samaa’n and surrounded by pine trees, the old headquarters consist of a small building situated above a forested area of approximately 12,000 square meters. The building’s location and its natural surounding of huge pine trees give the site a unique value. Internally, it is being used for the children’s and youth summer camps and the many social events of the board and general assembly. The site is also open for rent for similar purposes by many institutes who approach us for that purpose.


Children’s Garden Project:

 The process of ongoing construction and the urban sprawl in the city of Ramallah has greatly reduced the share of agricultural land or natural environment suitable for outdoor activities. The Children’s park project involves the restoration of the gardens surrounding the YWCA in Ramallah so that they become suitable for use by the children in Ramallah and their families. The project provides spaces for hiking and recreation, suitable grounds for outdoor summer camps to meet the needs of children and youth, a basket ball court, a picnic area and a cafeteria. The area is accessible to people with special needs through an elevator and specificallydesigned ramps that lead to the different parts of the project’s facilities.

 The garden project is still under construction and is supported by Slam Ya Sghar campaign that came under the initiative of Sharjah’s children in support of the children of Palestine. (Pics.)


The YWCA’s new premises; The multipurpose building:

 Located just opposite of the old premises, the 5 floor-building is designed to meet the needs of the current and future expansion of the Association. The fisrt phase of the project was implemented; the two story building hosts the vocational training centre which provides qualtiy vovational training in Office management, Event Management and Customer realtions management. The building also has a conference room equiped with an instant translation room and is suitable for gatherings and conferences and could accomodate up to 150 participants. The building has also a fully equipped worshop facility that is used internally for the association’s trainings and for rental to other associations for similar purposes. (Pics)