Young Women's Christian Association - Ramallah

Empowering Youth - Promoting Equality

Mission & Vision


The YWCA of Ramallah envisions an independent and free Palestinian democratic state where justice and peace, tolerance, equality, respect for the rights and dignity of human beings, gender equity, freedom of expression, social justice, pluralism and cultural diversity, and women’s leadership are promoted and sustained.



The YWCA of Ramallah supports and aspires to create women leadership especially among young women and girls, to realize their full rights and capabilities, and to promote and advance their full participation in decision making on equal footing with men and in all aspects of their lives as they contribute to building a democratic and free civil society.


Our Guiding Values and Principles:

The YWCA holds the principles of social justice, equality, and democracy to be fundamental to safeguarding human rights. Our work and culture are guided by the following values and beliefs:

We Operate in Unity | We Promote Peace and Justice | We Believe in Women’s Rights to Self-Determination | We are Responsive and Relevant | We Promote Transparency | We are Democratic and Participatory | We Nurture Volunteerism | We Believe in Partnership and Collective Work | We are Human Development Oriented and | We are Unique and Progressive.